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is the 's leading property website. We are not estate agents but we aim to be the place for property hunters to find details of all properties available to buy or rent.

We have created a significantly more convenient and effective way for property hunters to find their next property: up-to-date property information, available for free, accessible 24 hours a day to anyone with web access and far more complete in terms of number of properties and depth of detail on each property than through other traditional advertising media.

connects more people with more property than anyone else.

Why you should choose us

is the clear market leader with more users, more properties than any other property website.
You can have access to more property data than you’ve ever imagined.
we’ll send you an email notification on your matching criteria right away so that you can keep your searches up to date..


You can use all features of ’s property search tool free of charge.
The listings come from builders, agents, property owners.
Once you create an account with us you can be sure we'll be monitoring for you all the new listings that match your criteria. Once we have them, we'll send you an email notification right away so that you can keep your searches up to date.
We are not a real estate company, so you cannot buy a home from our website. However, once you found one or more properties that interest you and you’re all set to take the next step, we encourage you to contact the featured agent for each property.

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